Music and Arts Department

(Fine Arts) One of the following courses is required each year that a student attends Fountainview Academy.

Choir 10-12

Sing the story of salvation--the greatest story ever told--spring, fall,winter, or summer! Improve your personal vocal technique through private voice lessons which are required to enroll in this class. Choir is generally accompanied by Fountainview Orchestra and tours in North America with the orchestra as an integral part of the touring team.The power of the messages sung by the choir have been felt and appreciated by audiences far and wide. Singing with enthusiasm, smiling stage presence, and expressing conviction are fundamental skills taught. Blend your voice with others to praise the Lord!

Orchestra 10-12

Playing God's praises in the orchestra is an experience in itself. Play well-known classic praise numbers or play back-ups for the choir. Our repertoire often also includes newer arrangements, often as accompaniments to vocal solos or choral works. Be a part of our bi-annual foreign mission music evangelism tours. Beginners are welcome--traditionally starting to learn an instrument in late August and then joining the orchestra in concert in late November. However, if you are considering joining the orchestra, we advise you to begin learning an instrument before enrolling, if possible. Private lessons are required. Train to play with the heavenly orchestra--the story of Jesus' great gift of Salvation. Play God's praise!